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I'm trying to create a C Extension for Python with Numpy and have some problems reading the data from Numpy in my C code.

If I create a simple array like this in Python I'm able to read the values in the C code:


from numpy import *
myarray = zeros([5, 20], dtype=uint32)


value = (unsigned long*)PyArray_GETPTR2(myarray,0,0);    

The problem is when I try to read the value from the following Numpy Array:


from numpy import *
myarray = zeros([5], dtype=[('f1', 'S16'), ('f2', 'S16'), ('f3', uint64), ('f4', uint32)] )


value = (void*)PyArray_GETPTR1(myarray,0);

What kind og data type is the value in this case?

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What errors do you get? Are they at compile or run time? –  Nick ODell Oct 11 '11 at 15:18
I don't really get an error. I just don't know howto read the S16, S16, uint64 and uint32 from value. –  Aslak Oct 11 '11 at 16:16

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Numpy structured data types are by default equivalent to C packed structs. They can, however, also be more complicated.

To access the fields, check e.g. myarray.dtype.fields['f3'], which in your case is (dtype('uint64'), 32). You should be able to access the corresponding data via (npy_uint64*)(((char*)value) + 32).

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