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I've recently released my first app on the market. I tried to install the app on my phone immediately after it was released. But when installing it I got an error saying that the app was wrongly signed. I also got lots of bad ratings for my app because other people couldn't install it as well.

So my question is: how can I sign my app correctly? Is there any way to test the result before releasing the app on the market?

BTW: I used the built in function of eclipse to export the signed apk file.

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You need to create Release Key for Signing your Application.

Step : 1 Right Click Project->Export Application->Select you Project->Next->Select new Keystore -> Complete all rest Steps

Step : 2 Note down your Alias name and Password given.

Step : 3 Now if you Complete all process of Filling Details you will get one .apk file and keystore file in you stored location.

Step : 4 Now Again Right Click Project->Export Application->Select you Project->Next->Use Existing Keystore -> Give location and password->Next

Step : 5 Now you alias name will comes in your Drop Down->Select it -> Enter Password -> Next

Step : 6 It will ask for location to store your final .apk file.

Step : 7 Select your location and store.

Step : 8 Now this Final .apk file is Your Signed Application.

Note : Keep this keystore file for further updated of your Application in Android Market ,also keep track of your Alias name and Password

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What's a Google Maps key got to do with Android app signing? – Peter Knego Oct 11 '11 at 15:33
most people use a API that is signed with their debug.keystore. Most people that sign are not using the debugkeystore any longer.. so I think the Google API key won't matchup any longer. – DJPlayer Feb 8 '12 at 14:14

We can't really tell you from afar what is wrong. Did you create your own self-signed certificate? The cert that comes with SDK is a debug certificate and should not be used for signing a production app.

I recommend you thoroughly read the docs about signing the apps.

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