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In my solution (partly c#, partly VB.NET), I am suspecting that somewhere during the execution there is a Response.Redirect that I am unaware of that destroys my page context.

There are currently 218 Response.Redirects in my code. I have set breakpoints to the usual suspects, but I'd prefer a way to tell Visual Studio to stop whenever a line with Response.Redirect is hit. Is there a way? Or an alternate debugging practise?

A more generic version of that question would be: is there a way to add breakpoints to a solution through a Find action, similar to the "Bookmark All" button? Or to "convert" bookmarks to breakpoints?

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IMHO the cleanest way would be to refactor the redirect functionality into a helper, and add your logging/debugging there where there's a single point.

If you just want something quick, you could turn on Exceptions in the debugging menu, and there should be a thread abort exception that you can break on.

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I'll go with the break on the Thread Abort Exception. It's not a 100% thing, but works well enough. Thanks. – Olaf Oct 21 '11 at 13:39

In Visual Studio, go to Debug/New BreakPoint/Break at Function.... Type in System.Web.Response.Redirect.

Now the debugger will break whenever Redirect is called.

If you want a specific overload of Redirect, you can add the parameters, e.g., System.Web.Response.Redirect(string)`. See MSDN for more information.

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Wow, sounds good, will check. – Olaf Nov 25 '13 at 16:42

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