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Im quite new to php development. In the application Im having a home.php page where the user needs to enter a security code and submit. If the entered security code is correct then the 2 divisions should be hide from the user (the div ids are window and security) The security card validations are being done using the securityValidation.class.php. the securityValidation.class.php class contains a method call validateSecuiryCode. It accepts the code and checks the validity in the database and if exits it sends 1 else 0.

Can someone help me with hiding the 2 divisions in the html part on submit if the validations are true. Thanks a lot!

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Read about jQuery, a very good solution for your problem! –  Max Allan Oct 11 '11 at 15:42
Im confused about calling a function inside a php page in the ajax function. In most examples available they call a php page, but not a function. Any one has an idea how to do this? –  user421607 Oct 12 '11 at 3:08

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If you want to have a request in ajax where it ask the securityValidation.class.php? I always do like this. I made a file called ajax.php, then you add the database connection file, maybe if exists a functions-file. Then with help of $_GET I do a smart selection. I'll show you a example!

//The ajax.php
if($_GET['a']) //My alias in the url
      case 'validateSecuiryCode':
      //Include or anything what you want to do... Do make a return that only echo 1 or 0.

This is the request ajax.php?a=validateSecuiryCode&code=1234141431

//The jQuery request to ajax.php
$(document).ready(function(){ //The DOM
var theCodeVal = $('#the_input_for_the_valid_code').val();
   //The thing if validate code is right
   //The thing if not valid code

This is a simplified example how to make an ajax request to a php-function and then present the return or maybe run a specific js-function.

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