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Here's the idea, someone clicks an option and I have to display something to the user.

If he chooses the first option "Deposit", I have to show him a form.

If he chooses the second option, I have to show an iFrame my payment gateway has given me.

enter image description here

I don't want to reload the entire page. This change must occur inline, without breaking.

Do I use jQuery and AJAX to fetch the respective HTML and replace the current html with the .html() function jQuery offers?

Or do I output both forms, and use CSS to show one or the other?

What do you professionals suggest?

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It depends on what you want to optimize for:

  • Initial page load speed (→ use ajax to load the needed HTML), or
  • Responsiveness after the user selects a payment method (→ show/hide with CSS)
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There's also a third option. You could combine the two by loading the HTML in the background after loading the page, and then show/hide it with CSS. –  spike Oct 11 '11 at 16:25

The easiest is to use jQuery. Maybe something like this. Let's say that the id for your 2 radioboxes is radiobox1 and radiobox2

$(document).ready(function(){//The DOM
   var $this = $(this);
      //The code for displaying your form

Edit, because of a misunderstanding.

The easiest way (what I think) is to write the forms in HTML, and then hide them with CSS, and then make them visible or not with jQuery, or maybe with $.ajax - load the forms with ajax-mode.

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You're not answering the question that the OP asked. –  Matt Ball Oct 11 '11 at 15:57

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