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I try to follow the tutor below to build my 1st iOS app step by step

But I'm quite confused by the step "Open the wax/lib/extensions/ folder in your WaxApplication project folder. Delete the SQLite & xml folder pictured below"

what's wrong with these 2 folders? If anything wrong then why these 2 folders in the default package?

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The reason is that there were some functions pulled out of the main wax files. These two packages depended on these functions.

I do not know why they were pulled, but if you dig up an old wax version you can put them back in like I did.

(I am away from my mac right now so I cannot tell you which files were affected)

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Did you manage to find exactly which functions were pulled? If not, I can add it later this evening when I get home. – John Smith Dec 13 '11 at 15:52

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