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I have MyModel that, whenever it is created or updated, I want to insert a row into my_model_changes (MyModelChange) that is a log of all changes.

The problem is that I need MyModelChange to be able to save the current user's ID, so that it stores who authorised the change to MyModel.

I know the model shouldn't be able to access the Auth session in MVC. However, every change to MyModel must be logged, and so I don't want to leave it up to people to remember to do this in a controller every time they modify the model, because there is a risk it will be forgotten or not done properly, in which case the log won't be complete. Instead, I want to use MyModel::afterSave() so that it is automated and will always happen properly.

So how do I get MyModel to find the Auth user's ID?

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Maybe my solution is not the most elegant way but I used it in my app and it worked. Before saving in the controller I extend $this->data with the user_id like this:


so I can use it in my model afterSave method. I hope it could help.

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Is it not possible to do what you're wanting to do in the app_controller.php's beforeFilter? That way you don't have to set anything in the other controllers, except the parent::beforeFilter() ofcourse if you override it.

But if it's really needed, you can put this in your Model to access session data:

App::import('Component', 'SessionComponent');
$Session = new SessionComponent();
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