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In the libphonenumber library, the PhoneNumberUtil.parse function throws a NumberParseException. I'd like to handle this exception gracefully.

I'm running the following one-off script (invoked with java -cp path/to/clojure.jar:path/to/libphonenumber.jar clojure.main -i scratch.clj):

(import '(com.google.i18n.phonenumbers PhoneNumberUtil))

(defn parse-phone-no
  "Convert the phone number to standard form, using the libphonenumber class.
    raw-phone-no - the phone number to convert
    the canonical version of the phone number, or nil if the phone number was 
    (def phone-util (PhoneNumberUtil/getInstance))
        (def us-number (.parse phone-util raw-phone-no "US"))
        (.getNationalNumber us-number))
      (catch NumberParseException e

(println (parse-phone-no "5"))

If I run it with a generic catch Exception then it works fine, however any combination of catch NumberParseException, catch PhoneNumberUtil/NumberParseException, and catch (.NumberParseException phoneUtil) gives a Unable to resolve classname error. I'd like to catch the custom exception and let others slide, so I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks, Kevin

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You should also consider using let instead of def to create local variables (in this context "consider" means: "absolutely do this, but if you're still learning Clojure you can put it off for a while"). Amazingly, I can't find a SO question to link you to at the moment: sorry. –  amalloy Oct 11 '11 at 18:19
Maybe ask one and answer it yourself? Because yeah, I know my syntax is really crappy. –  Kevin Burke Oct 11 '11 at 18:27

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Just like PhoneNumberUtil, You need to either import the NumberParseException to the namespace or provide its full qualified package in the catch expression.

If the exception is an inner class, that translates in clojure to OuterClass$InnerClass (which you still need to either import or qualify with its package).

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