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In the following code, I am getting a compilation error stating that I have a type mismatch on 'x':

val someRef: java.lang.Long = 42L
someRef match {
  case x: Long => println("The answer: " + x)
  case _ => println("Unknown")

How do I get Scala to auto-unbox someRef in the match statement?

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The type system doesn't know about boxing at this level. But it does know that if there is an Any, a boxed Long is really (presumably) supposed to be just a Long (from the AnyVal part of the class inheritance tree). So:

val someRef: java.lang.Long = 42L
(someRef: Any) match {
  case x : Long => println("The answer is " + x)
  case _ => println("What answer?")
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That did it. Thanks. –  Ralph Oct 11 '11 at 18:48

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