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I am using Drool's resource scanner like so:

ResourceChangeScannerConfiguration sconf = ResourceFactory.getResourceChangeScannerService().newResourceChangeScannerConfiguration();
sconf.setProperty("drools.resource.scanner.interval", "5");

Which works well, but the problem is that is logs to the console way too much:

[2011:10:284 12:10:913:debug] ResourceChangeScanner thread is waiting for 5
[2011:10:284 12:10:915:debug] ResourceChangeScanner attempt to scan 4 resources
[2011:10:284 12:10:915:debug] ResourceChangeScanner scanning directory=[UrlResource path='file:repository/entitlement/static-rules/']
[2011:10:284 12:10:915:debug] ResourceChangeScanner scanning directory=[UrlResource path='file:repository/entitlement/rules/']
[2011:10:284 12:10:915:debug] ResourceChangeScanner thread is waiting for 5
[2011:10:284 12:10:917:debug] ResourceChangeScanner attempt to scan 4 resources
[2011:10:284 12:10:917:debug] ResourceChangeScanner scanning directory=[UrlResource path='file:repository/entitlement/static-rules/']
[2011:10:284 12:10:917:debug] ResourceChangeScanner scanning directory=[UrlResource p

Every 5 seconds, a new set of lines. Any idea how to quiet it down a bit?

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This should do it:

      setSystemEventListener(new DoNothingSystemEventListener());

BTW this is the default listener, don't know why org.drools.agent.impl.PrintStreamSystemEventListener is picked up in your case.

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Thanks! Will check it out and see how it works. –  Shane C. Mason Dec 15 '11 at 17:47
We had to update our version of Drools, but it worked like a charm. Thanks! There will the many happy console users now~ –  Shane C. Mason Dec 16 '11 at 18:20

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