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I have an application with a MapView activity which loads ItemizedOverlays with ~6000 OverlayItem total.

After a short while of pressing the items causing bubbles with ImageViews inside to appear (every bubble open causes the older one to close - only 1 bubble at a time), I get the "external allocation too large for this process" error.

it also happens to me at some points when I try to move to another activity showing a ListView.... once again, picture in each row.

I read all around about the ~16Mb heap size, and strange ways of fixing it:

first, I would like to know if 6000 ItemizedOverlays sounds like too much or is it just a memory leak somewhere?

I use this code:

public MyOverlay(List<OverlayItem> pList, Drawable defaultMarker) 
    my= pList;

Thanks, any help will be appreciated!

EDIT: ok, figured out it has nothing to do with the amount of items on the map, the problem happens because I use a skin in my app,and load something like 1.5 Mb of images at some of the activities. This shouldn't be a problem.... 1.5 Mb + default of 6Mb for the app when loaded... however, things are quite different. each png I load as a drawable in my layout xmls, is being multiplied by at least 10...., I wrote a sample app with nothing except for a black screen, and loaded it once without anything on it and got native-heap of 5.8Mb, and than loaded it with a small png of 25Kb and guess what.... 6.25Mb. I loaded my application with nothing but the skin, and it started with 14.5Mb!!!!!!!!

so now I am in the middle of doing a bitmap recycle operation after each and every activity change.

Is this a known issue with android? png files are loaded with much bigger size inside the native-heap? is there a solution other than my current plan?


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6000 items on a map? This must be unreadable. You should rethink this approach. –  Peter Knego Oct 11 '11 at 16:51
I have filters and categories... however, when I take the application to the extreme meaning EVERYTHING.... I get this memory problem. (it is still readable even with 6000.... don't worry), only question is if I have a memory leak or is it impossible memory-wise to display as many items within the heap limitations? –  iAndroid Oct 11 '11 at 17:28
Does you marker contain a Bitmap? Do you use one (or a few) bitmap or do you create a new one for each marker? –  Peter Knego Oct 11 '11 at 17:46
I use the attached code, I have 7 png files in my resources that I load using activity.getApplication().getResources().getDrawable(id); which I than store in a chache array as static images... –  iAndroid Oct 11 '11 at 19:55

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