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find_in_batches does not allow pure SQL (so far as I can see).
find_by_sql does not have batch support (so far as I can see).

So how can I do something like find_in_batches_by_sql?

The SQL is nasty programatically generated stuff and it points to 3rd party databases and the result sets can have hundred-thousands to millions of records returned.

Are there other cursor tricks with ActiveRecord I should look into?


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You could always break the SQL into parts and do something like

Model.select("*").where("WHERE CLAUSE HERE").joins("JOIN CLAUSES HERE").find_in_batches {...}

Or if you needed really fun SQL stuff you could just use an offset and limit and loop until you exhausted the results. Here's the basic idea:

offset = 0
limit = 1000

  results = Model.find_by_sql("Crazy SQL OFFSET #{offset} LIMIT #{limit}")
  offset += limit  
  # Do stuff here
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