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I am new to Crystal and do not use visual basic, but I need to get this report written.

I have one table that I need to check surfaces to determine which path to follow.


If surface <500 follow path to check a tooth number and calculate differently than If surface >500 and <1000 follow path to check tooth number with different calcuation

There are too many variables of tooth/surface to add the outer check to each tooth line so I was trying to wrap an if around each different grouping of of surfaces

Any help is appreciated.

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Surface and Tooth are tables? What's involved in "following a path" or "checking a tooth number?" –  paulmelnikow Oct 11 '11 at 17:58

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If the calculation for determining the tooth number depends only on the single surface value, why not do something like this? Sorry if this is an oversimplification...

If {Tooth.Surface} < 500 Then 
    formula=[Do something here] 'Surface is less than 500
ElseIf {Tooth.Surface} < 1000 Then
    formula=[Do something different] 'Surface is between 500 and 999
    formula=[And something else] 'Surface is 1000 or greater
End If
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