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i have already Python 2.7 on my Mac Os 10.7 and i tried to install py27-mysql package that contains MySQLdb interface for Python. I had run sudo ports install py27-mysql and macports began to install all dependencies for that package python2.7, mysql5, etc that i already has.

Now the questions:

  1. Why that happens?
  2. Where is now native Mac Os python and mysql?
  3. Which one i use after installation if i work from command shell?
  4. Is brew better?


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Macports installs the packages in /opt/local/ and /opt/local/bin.

You can always find your default OS package installation in /bin and /usr/bin.

OS default python installation: /usr/bin/python

Of course, you can choose the macports by having /opt/local/bin first in your path. Macport installation works very well for me.

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