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Hi I have built a drum notation system (mostly for hand drums) that allows people to notate drum music. This is done by a form and then they can drag the notes left or right for micro-timing.

I have saved the notes in the database in the notes table, the location of the note is done in relation to the musical piece, and the note's value / position is saved as a number according to it's location relative to beats. So for example, a note on the 5th beat would have a value of 5. A note on half way between the 10th and 11th beat (the 10th upbeat) would have a value of 10.5.

Anyway, I would love to have some sort of player (thinking perhaps flash), that could sit on my site and play the song to people if they hit play.

There are only 3/5 different notes on the drums, so I'm thinking a little sound file could be played?

I'm pretty good at Javascript, but is it able to handle the job? Would a flash player be the best option? Am I dreaming and this isn't possible?

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There are a couple of solutions already out there:

  • Noteflight - www.noteflight.com/login
  • Lagato Media - musicrain.com/products.php

Hope this helps. :)

You said you quite good with JavaScript so, 'Vexflow' might be a good option for you. It's currently on Github. However, I decided not to use it as, at the time, is was slightly too but that was a few months ago. Here is something that was done with it a few months ago - http://hacks.mozilla.org/2011/01/html5guitar/

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