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I need to fail a nant build if an SVN url already exists. Essentially I am stopping further builds from released code. In ANT I would run

        <svnExists target="svn url"  refid="svn.settings"/>
            <fail>Can not give this build to QA - this number was already released to Operations</fail>
            <echo message="good to go"/>

But I can't find an equivalent way of doing this for NANT, which I need to use for this project. Ideas?

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You can do it with the svn program and the exec task.

<exec program="svn" resultproperty="zero_if_url_exists.prop" failonerror="false">
   <arg value="info"/>
   <arg value="http://my.svn.server/branches/foobar"/>

<if test="${int::parse(zero_if_url_exists.prop) == 0}">
    <echo message="The url exists."/>
<if test="${int::parse(zero_if_url_exists.prop) != 0}">
    <echo message="The url doesn't exist."/>
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