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I am sending many emails and I get many of these errors back from @naver.com users:

Your mail was denied from the receiver

I am wondering if it means that user marked it as spam or their service provider blocked the message?

Full reply is:

고객님께서 보내신 메일이 전송되지 못했습니다. 아래 실패 사유와 해결 방법을 참고 부탁 드립니다.
보낸시간    :   2011-10-12 02:50 (GMT +0900)
받는주소    :   _some_user_@naver.com
메일제목    :   3 new flash files
실패사유    :   받는 사람이 회원님의 메일을 수신차단 하였습니다.
사유원문    :   Your mail was denied from the receiver.
해결방법    :   받는 사람에게 확인 후 수신차단 해제를 요청하셔야 합니다. 급한 연락의 경우 받는 사람의 다른 메일 주소로 메일을 발송해 보세요.
보내신 메일의 원본을 첨부 합니다. 첨부 파일을 확인해 주십시오.
Your mail couldn't be delivered. Please check the reason, and retry sending your message.
Sent Time   :   2011-10-12 02:50 (GMT +0900)
Recipient   :   _some_user_@naver.com
Subject :   Some email subject
Host Said   :   Your mail was denied from the receiver.
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One of the parts of the reply is:

받는 사람이 회원님의 메일을 수신차단 하였습니다.

This translates to:

The recipient receives your e-mail has been blocked.

So, it looks likes the recipient is blocking e-mails from your e-mail.

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After I posted the question I used google translate, part of it says Recipients then receive a confirmation should be requested to unblock. The case of an emergency call to the recipient's another e-mail address Please send e-mail. Mail sent to the original attachment. Please check the attachment. I understand it is that kind of system where they need to confirm/accept all senders. – adrianTNT Oct 11 '11 at 19:30

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