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The Scala compiler currently cannot infer return types of recursive methods as in the following code

def foo(i:Int) = if (i > 0) foo (i-1) else 0

Is there any ambuigity in the above statement? (i.e., is any type other than Int possible?)

I can imagine that in more complex example, it will be difficult to infer the type.

Is it possible to further characterize the cases of recursive methods where we can(not) infer the types?

[EDIT:] The compiler is intelligent enough to figure out that String is incorrect.

scala> def foo(i:Int):String = if (i > 0) foo (i-1) else 0
<console>:5: error: type mismatch;
found   : Int(0)
required: String
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I guess Double is another possible type. – Jus12 Oct 11 '11 at 19:16
@Jus12 foo: Double is possible just as it is possible to declare def f = 2 as a : Double. Yet, the compiler infers def f = 2 to be an : Int. A sensible recursive type inferrer would not assume foo: Double for the same reason in your example. – Debilski Oct 11 '11 at 22:01
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If your recursive call is always in the last position, i.e. its value is never used and only returned, it should be possible to determine the type as the common supertype of all other branches.

However, in a situation like

def foo(i: Int) = if (i > 0) foo(i - 1) + 1 else 0

you would not know the type of foo(i - 1) + 1 (or understand the operation + because it is actually a method on foo – things are getting more complicated in the presence of objects) without knowing what foo is. So, again you’re moving around in circles.

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You'd need an unification algorithm much more powerful than what Scala provides. Scala does type checking left to right, top to bottom. So the inference would go somewhat like this:

What is the type of expression "if (i > 0) foo(i - 1) + 1 else 0"?
Unify "foo(i - 1) + 1" and "0"
What is the type of "foo(i - 1) + 1"?
What is the type of "foo(i - 1)"
What is "foo"?
foo is the current definition, so we don't know it's type

if you did the if the other way around you'd have:

What is the type of expression "if (i <= 0) 0 else foo(i - 1) + 1 "?
Unify "0" and "foo(i - 1) + 1"
What is the type of "0"?
"0" <: Int >: Nothing
What is the type of "foo(i - 1) + 1"?
What is the type of "foo(i - 1)"
What is "foo"?
foo is the current definition, so we don't know it's type
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Good explanation of how the Scala compiler infers types. – Jus12 Sep 18 '15 at 6:30

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