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I am using a custom UserDetailsService to authenticate users. This uses a PersonDao/Service object that is autowired. To autowire this object, I had to include reference to datasource, sessionfactory and annotation driven in Spring-security-context.xml. All these lines are exactly replicated in app-servlet.xml. So I was wondering if there is anyway to have theses lines in only one place and not to copy it at both the places.

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Your app-servlet (Spring MVC) context is a child of the root WebApplicationContext and has access to all of the beans in the parent.

If your parent context includes spring-security-context (for example)

<import resource="spring-security-context.xml"/>

then app-servlet will have access to those beans.

See What's a smart way to organize classes in Spring 3 for component-scan? for info on how to not duplicate beans when <component-scan>ing.

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thanks @ericacm.. thats exactly what I want –  rrkwells Oct 12 '11 at 3:31

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