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For example the spark ComboBox.

  • Where is the default skin?
  • Is it generated (at compile or runtime)?
  • If it was in fact written by someone how does the compiler/Virtual Machine know where to find the skin class? I didn't see a location specified in the ComboBox source.


Edit: Sorry originally meant to say skin by typed style instead

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Spark components use mostly skins. The default skin is defined in the defaults.css file which gets compiled into the spark.swc. The CSS for ComboBox looks like this:

/*  dropShadowVisible: true; in spark.css */
    paddingBottom: 3;
    paddingLeft: 3;
    paddingRight: 3;
    paddingTop: 5;
    skinClass: ClassReference("spark.skins.spark.ComboBoxSkin");

So, the class spark.skins.spark.ComboBoxSkin is defined as default skin for ComboBox. You can find the complete file in your Flex SDK (frameworks/projects/spark/defaults.css).

If you want to find out more about this take a look at the following topics on Adobe Flex Help:

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