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When using the date filter in the views module, is it possible to have a select list or a nice date popup instead of just a text field.

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I don't know exact way in drupal 7 but i'm giving you an example how you can do this in drupal 6 and simulate the same process in drupal 7.

If you have a Date Popup module installed in your site that you can find under module date package. if not then use jquery_ui module and install it.

      In view filter 

        1] click on + sing then select date from dropdown 
        2] choose node or user according to your need 
        3] after that you will find section "Date form type:" select popup radio button 
        4] whatever date field you require from "Date field(s): checkbox" 

that's it.
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Thanks, the only trick I had to do that you didn't mention was enable Views --> Date Views –  Chris Muench Oct 12 '11 at 12:07

you can do by using form overridings in drupal it is flexible...

please refer to http://www.lullabot.com/articles/modifying-forms-drupal-5-and-6

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