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I want to develop an extension using the PBC library. The amount and quality of documentation on doing this for Firefox's XPCOM was rather obscure, and Native Client seems interesting to experiment with.

In order to port the library, I changed the config and Makefile according to this tutorial. It does (obviously) require to remove dependencies on shared libraries. I thus need to also build the GMP library with the nacl-toolchain and then reference from pbc.

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have you been able to port pbc? if yes can you please share your result with me? I'm having trouble when porting pbc also... – Loi.Luu Apr 28 '14 at 9:58
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I'm not familiar with libPBC but I know gmp can be built for nacl. If you set your CC environment variable to the nacl compiler and run configure with --host=none-pc-nacl you will get a generic C-only build of gmp which doesn't use the assembly code (gmp's assembly code is not nacl-safe).

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Thanks for your remarks. Meanwhile, I have already managed to compile GMP and PBC for Native Client. For the steps required for GMP configuration, I've created a gist here: .. However, as you're answer describes the correct steps, I'll tick it as the solution :) – oliverguenther Nov 20 '11 at 17:40

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