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I am trying to build an mp3 player through PHP. So far I made it like this: http://dataonrequest.com/mp3player/

Now I want to make it in a way to play local files. Instead of getting the directory list from your host folders, I want it to get the dir from a local chosen Folder and build up the library with php just like my online example. e.g. (C:\Music)

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Ummmmm....no. PHP does server-side processing. The MP3s are on the client's system. You'll need more than PHP to do this. –  Jack Maney Oct 12 '11 at 0:43
Are you saying you want to play my own MP3's on my computer, or something else? If you want it to play local files, you will need to make a browser add-on, and probably forgo the server-side stuff. –  Jared Farrish Oct 12 '11 at 0:50
Yes I want it to play local computer files, just like this example: jsfiddle.net/AKCYx –  nouky Oct 12 '11 at 1:48
But I gues PHP gives you the possibility to search in directories, that's why I wanted to use php tech –  nouky Oct 12 '11 at 1:48
@nouky - As the others have said, PHP is just server side ... –  Nathan Loding Oct 12 '11 at 2:08

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You want to look at Javascript and something like jQuery and jPlayer (http://jplayer.org/) and jQuery.twFile.

Though if I found a website that was automatically reading my local file system and I'd get really, really upset. And it's not a great idea to just setup file browsing on your server for anything to break into.

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I'll take a look, tnxx –  nouky Oct 12 '11 at 2:22

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