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I have a Tomcat 6 JSF web application that I'd like to set up with CDI beans. I will have to convert the project to CDI gradually though.

My question is: can CDI beans and traditional JSF managed beans be injected into each other?


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I don't agree with BalusC's immediate "no".

First of all, all JSF managed beans (JMB) either are CDI managed beans (CMB) automatically, or can be recognized as such using the beans.xml marker file. (The requirements of a CMB are set very low and basically just dictate the existence of a non-parameter constructor.)

This means that you should be able to use (read: inject) all JMBs with almost no extra effort.

However, problems will arise because JMBs use different scopes than CMBs (javax.faces.* vs. javax.enterprise.*)

These are best solved by registering a relative simple CDI-extension: When the CDI server (Tomcat for you) starts, it will raise a couple of events that you can observe - this is be the place where you can detect JMBs and convert them into correctly scoped CMBs.

But before you start hacking: All this has already been done by the Seam 3 Faces module. Simply put it in your classpath, and all JSF-scopes are bridged to CDI-scopes.

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Interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks! – Jon Onstott Oct 17 '11 at 21:39
Yes, it looks like Seam 3 Faces bridges JSF managed beans and CDI beans. – Jon Onstott Oct 18 '11 at 22:55

can CDI beans and traditional JSF managed beans be injected into each other?

Not using @Inject or @ManagedProperty, no.

Once you're ever going to need to inject a @ManagedBean into a @Named, just convert that @ManagedBean class to @Named immediately while you're at it. It's maybe just 15 seconds more work. Nothing needs to be changed in the view side.

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Yikes, ok. We have web apps that we can't convert to JSF 2 yet, and we have managed beans in shared libraries. So we'll probably have to wait to use CDI until we can change everything over. – Jon Onstott Oct 12 '11 at 3:10

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