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I want to create a website similar to Yahoo finance, but much less complex for an independent study.

I will be using Java to do this and would like to get stock quotes through a web service as part of the learning experience.

It needs to be free or low cost and ideally would be real-time although do to licensing that probably won’t happen. I’d like something that gives intra day quotes similar to Yahoo’s delayed by 15 minute CSV feature.

Does anyone know of a web API which would fill my needs?

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So what's your question ? – Brian Agnew Apr 21 '09 at 16:30
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ProgrammableWeb keeps a fairly extensive list of financial web APIs available.

I don't think a real-time solution will exist for free, but you should be able to find many 15-20 minute delayed APIs.

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I'm not sure this will do everything you need, but CDYNE provides a DelayedStockQuote service.

@Ben, ProgrammableWeb is also a great resource. Good tip :-).

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Take a look at

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I recommend FinancialContent. They carry XML API, a JSON API and a Snapshot Quote API Another good vendor to look at is Xignite

Shop around and find a good vendor, someone who's feeds won't break and can be used reliably.

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