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I am displaying list of cities from the database ,each as a link.I want when a user click on any of the cities ,the action respond by grabbng the id of that city and re use it on the next action(show action in this case).So How do you grab an id from the link?Below is my idea which didnt work.Thank you in advance.


    <%@cities.each do |city| %>
    <a href="/deal/city"><%=city.name%></a><br/>


   Class DealController < ApplicationController
   def all_cities

   def city
   session[:city_id] = @city.id
   redirect_to :controller=>"deal",:action=>"show"

   def show
   unless session[:city_id].nil? || session[:city_id].blank?
   @city = City.find(session[:city_id])



    get "deal/city"
    match 'deal/city'  => "deal#city"
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You are not passing the city_id in the link. Try:

<% @cities.each do |city| %>
    <a href="/deal/city?city_id=<%= city.id %>"><%= city.name %></a><br/>
<% end %>

If you want the link to be like "/deal/city/1" and get 1 as params[:city_id], you can modify your routes like this:

match 'deal/city/:city_id'  => "deal#city", :via => :get

and use the link like this:

<% @cities.each do |city| %>
    <a href="/deal/city/<%= city.id %>"><%= city.name %></a><br/>
<% end %>
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Thank you so much it worked! –  katie Oct 12 '11 at 2:57
@katie...also in your code, I see unless session[:city_id].nil? || session[:city_id].blank?..actually .blank? checks for nil values(infact it checks for nil, "", " ", [] and what not). So your code can be reduced to unless session[:city_id].blank? or using .present? which is the opposite of .blank?, if session[:city_id].present?(which is more readable IMHO) –  rubyprince Oct 12 '11 at 3:28

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