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Got this app, if you open it the first time it will check for a value in a DB, if the value is there all is good

If the value is NOT there, I would like to redirect to another page where the user can input this.

How can I do this?

PS: I can access to the other page using the @NameTolen value in the URL. Just don't know how to make an automatic "switch" and in which part of the Presenter layer to code it (if it even goes there).

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In your presenter you can check the value in onReveal() or onReset() methods. See presenter life cycle:

You also need to inject the PlaceManager in the presenter using the constructor. And then you can redirect like that:

public void onReveal() {
  if(checkValue()) {
    PlaceRequest myRequest = new PlaceRequest(NameTokens.yourPage);

See Revealing a Presenter:

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oh, that is what those methods are for :), I'll come back to you, thx – pmminov Oct 12 '11 at 6:57

You could do it even before revealing the presenter. In prepareFromRequest, you can call the dispatcher and in the callback decide where to "redirect".

  public void prepareFromRequest(PlaceRequest request) {
    dispatcher.execute( new GetData(), 
        new AsyncCallback<GetDataResult>(){
          public void onSuccess(GetDataResult result) {
            // depending on result reveal another place
            placeManager.revealPlace( ... )
          public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {
            // Display an error message
        } ) );

Also see here for more ideas:

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ye, I ended doing that ages ago, thx anyway – pmminov Feb 7 '12 at 1:33

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