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return nameString.substring(nameString.indexOf(" ", 0), nameString.lastIndexOf(" ", 0));

Why is it keep returning an error? I just want to return the string from the first occurring space character, to the last occurring space in the string?

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Can you confirm that the string has two spaces? – jbrookover Oct 12 '11 at 3:09


public int lastIndexOf(String str,
                       int fromIndex)

Returns the index within this string of the last occurrence of the specified substring, searching backward starting at the specified index... If no such value exists, then -1 is returned.

Get rid of the , 0 parameters to indexOf and lastIndexOf. When you pass a fromIndex of 0 to lastIndexOf it searches backwards from the start of the string to find a match. When it doesn't find one it returns -1 which is an invalid argument to substring.

return nameString.substring(nameString.indexOf(" "), nameString.lastIndexOf(" "));
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Okay! Duh, I should have thought of it! – Matt Oct 12 '11 at 3:18

Let's break your question in parts

String nameString = "Your name is Matt";

indexOf : it start reading from left to right & stop when first matched char found, and returns the position of char

 nameString.indexOf("M", 0) /* returns 13 */
 nameString.indexOf(" ", 0) /* returns 4 (it's placed at 4'th position in the given sentence) */

lastIndexOf : it start reading from right to left and stop when char matched and returns the position of matched char

nameString.lastIndexOf("t", 17)  /* returns 16 */
nameString.lastIndexOf(" ", 17)  /* returns 12 */
nameString.lastIndexOf(" ", 0)  /* returns -1, 

Caution : you are making mistake to giving the position 0, it reads from right to left and found nothing matched so returns -1) */

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