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I'm trying to use the jasmine-jquery plugin: In the documentation it says to:

Simply download jasmine-jquery.js from the downloads page and include it in your Jasmine's test runner file (or add it to jasmine.yml file if you're using Ruby with jasmine-gem). Remember to include also jQuery library as jasmine-jquery relies on it.

I'm trying to use this plugin to add fixtures to my jasmine tests in coffeescript for a coffeescript one page HTML5 canvas application. I'm using the jasmine-node version of jasmine to run my jasmine tests using node.js My issue with the above instructions is that I do not see a jasmine test runner file to edit, and as a result I'm unable to call methods from this plugin such as load_fixtures in my specs.

My current directory structure for the project is

index.html (An html file I would ideally like to use for my tests)
javascript/shape.js (The outputted coffeescript)
spec/jasmine-jquery-1.3.1.js (The plugin)

Any insight is greatly appreciated as I've spent several hours trying to get this to work correctly. If you know a different test framework with fixtures that would be easier to setup for a coffeescript project that was also be welecomed. Thanks!

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The library you are trying to use assumes that you are using jasmine in a html page. Neither it nor jquery will work with jasmine-node.

jQuery cannot work on node because it needs the browser's DOM api. There are some libraries that mock the DOM for node that might give you what you need.

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The test runner file you refer to is included in the standalone version of Jasmine (SpecRunner.html). It is not part of Jasmine-node.

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