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I am a beginner and I am creating some forms to be posted into MySQL using Zend, and I am in the process of debugging but I don't really know how to debug anything using Zend. I want to submit the form and see if my custom forms are concatenating the data properly before it goes into MySQL, so I want to catch the post data to see a few things. How can I do this?

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Consider using an IDE supporting XDebug or Zend Debugger (depending on what you can / have installed on your development server). – Phil Oct 12 '11 at 4:30

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The Default route for zend framework application looks like the following$controller/$action/$param1/$value1/.../$paramX/$valueX

So all $_GET-Parameters simply get contenated onto the url in the above manner /param/value

Let's say you are within IndexController and indexAction() in here you call a form. Now there's possible two things happening:

  1. You do not define a Form-Action, then you will send the form back to IndexController:indexAction()
  2. You define a Form action via $form->setAction('/index/process') in that case you would end up at IndexController:processAction()

The way to access the Params is already defined above. Whereas $this->_getParam() equals $this->getRequest()->getParam() and $this->_getAllParams() equals $this->getRequest->getParams()

The right way yo check data of Zend Stuff is using Zend_Debug as @vascowhite has pointed out. If you want to see the final Query-String (in case you're manually building queries), then you can simply put in the insert variable into Zend_Debug::dump()

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you can use $this->_getAllParams();.

For example: var_dump($this->_getAllParams()); die; will output all the parameters ZF received and halt the execution of the script. To be used in your receiving Action.

Also, $this->_getParam("param name"); will get a specific parameter from the request.

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I am unsure as to which action is my receiving action. How can I figure this out? I pretty much am doing the samething as the quickstart tutorial except with MySQL. In that regards, I am not sure what happens after I hit submit for the form. I think it goes back into its controller, but I don't know where does it go from there. – Strawberry Oct 12 '11 at 4:29
Oh, I see, so I put it in the action that called the form, but feel free to answer my question still! – Strawberry Oct 12 '11 at 4:33

The easiest way to check variables in Zend Framework is to use Zend_Debug::dump($variable); so you can do this:-

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Zend framework is built on the top of the PHP . so you can use var_dump($_POST) to check the post variables.

ZF has provided its own functions to get all the post variables.. Zend_Debug::dump($this->getRequest()->getPost())

or specifically for one variable.. you can use Zend_Debug::dump($this->getRequest()->getPost($key))

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You can check post data by using zend


and for retrieving post data


For example

if ($request->isPost()) {

$postData = $request->getPost();

Zend_Debug::dump($postData );


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