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I have built WebKit on Mac, but I want to build it on iPhone.

Should I convert Cocoa framework to CocoaTouch framework?

Like NSView to UIView?

or any other functions?

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There are certainly going to be things not directly translatable from Cocoa to UIKit. Yes the core of Webkit is mostly platform-independent C++, however, all the nice views will require a lot more work than just class replacement. More than just internal mechanics, you also have to deal with completely redesigning the views for the iOS interface--handling touches for scrolling and zooming, getting input forms and text selection to work with the system-wide text protocols, etc.

Unless you have to do something ridiculously complicated, just stick with UIWebView.

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You can do it, if you really want to try to, here is a link


That is the ios 4.3.3 version of webkit, ready to get compiled.

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