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I want to send a list of messages to an actor, receive a reply immediately in a future and then wait for all futures to complete before returning to the calling method. From reading the akka docs, I believe Future.sequence is the way to go but I have not been able to get the following code to work correctly. I get this error from the compiler:

  found   : akka.dispatch.ActorCompletableFuture
  required: akka.dispatch.Future[Integer]
Error occurred in an application involving default arguments.
            futures += secondary ? GetRandom

I'm sure I am missing something obvious but the code below seems to be "correct" per the examples and API docs.

import java.util.Random
import akka.dispatch.Future
import Commands._
import collection.mutable.ListBuffer

object Commands {
    trait Command

    case class GetRandom() extends Command
    case class GenRandomList() extends Command  

class Secondary() extends Actor {
    val randomGenerator = new Random()

    override def receive = {
        case GetRandom() =>
            self reply randomGenerator.nextInt(100)

class Primary() extends Actor {
    private val secondary = Actor.actorOf[Secondary]

    override def receive = {

        case GenRandomList() =>

            val futures = new ListBuffer[Future[Integer]]

            for (i <- 0 until 10) {
                futures += secondary ? GetRandom

            val futureWithList = Future.sequence(futures)

   { foo =>
                println("Shouldn't foo be an integer now? " + foo)

    override def preStart() = {

class Starter extends App {
    var master = Actor.actorOf(new Primary()).start()
    master ! GenRandomList()

What is the correct way to send a series of messages to an actor, receive a future and return once all the futures have completed (optionally storing the results from each future in a List and returning it).

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Which Akka version are you using? – Alexey Romanov Oct 12 '11 at 6:28
Akka 1.2 with Scala 2.9.1. – Geoffrey Gallaway Oct 12 '11 at 13:36
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(secondary ? GetRandom).mapTo[Int]
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Akka ? returns a Future[Any] but you need a Future[Int].

Thus you can either define a list which accept all kind of futures:

val futures = new ListBuffer[Future[Any]]

or cast the result as an Int as soon as it is available:

for (i <- 0 until 10) {
  futures += (secondary ? GetRandom) map {

BTW, to make it work, you need to change GetRandom definition:

case object GetRandom extends Command

and match it with:

case GetRandom =>
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Great answer, thanks for the help. I wish I could mark two answers as the accepted answer. – Geoffrey Gallaway Oct 12 '11 at 16:54
I'd recommend: Vector.fill(10)( (secondary ? GetRandom).mapTo[Int] ) – Viktor Klang Oct 13 '11 at 7:53
Thanks, I discovered mapTo with your answer. In which version it was introduced ? – paradigmatic Oct 13 '11 at 8:12

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