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For some reason, my variable {{current_user.name}} doesn't display anything and the variable {{username}} displays instead of Niklas R it displays `(u'Niklas R',) on the page that I render with django. Here is the method from the basehandler that I hope you can tell me what's wrong with:

def render(self, name, **data):
    """Render a template"""
    if not data:
        data = {}
    data[u'js_conf'] = json.dumps({
        u'appId': facebookconf.FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
        u'canvasName': facebookconf.FACEBOOK_CANVAS_NAME,
        u'userIdOnServer': self.user.user_id if self.user else None,
    data[u'logged_in_user'] = self.user
    data[u'message'] = self.get_message()
    data[u'csrf_token'] = self.csrf_token
    data[u'canvas_name'] = facebookconf.FACEBOOK_CANVAS_NAME
    logging.debug('user object: '+str(self.current_user))
            os.path.dirname(__file__), 'templates', name + '.html'),
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This happens to me all the time, you have an extra , and the variable becomes a tuple.

change the lines to:

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Thank you very much for so promptly finding it. –  Niklas in stockholm Oct 12 '11 at 6:32

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