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Twitter search API results returned like the below values

                    [source] => <a href="http://twitter.com/">web</a>
                    [text] => #prabhu linked into #apptivo via http://t.co/eWTJLj6Y
                    [to_user_id] => 
                    [to_user_id_str] => 

Here, [text] => #prabhu linked into #apptivo via http://t.co/eWTJLj6Y

we don't have the tags for the "http://t.co/eWTJLj6Y" url and #prabhu (hash tag)

how can we get the urls for "http://t.co/eWTJLj6Y" url and #prabhu?

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You can parse them for URLs with a URL regex and add link and the same with hashtags (/(#\w+)\b/ should do it).

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