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How will I let my c# program to get data from another application?

assume that application is, for example , "Yahoo Messenger" and someone say to you "hi there" on the chatbox...

Now, I want my c# program to read / get that data or information from "Yahoo Messenger chat box" in print it on my application? is it possible?

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Think about web services? ASP.Net Webservices – Waqas Raja Oct 12 '11 at 6:43
WCF using in process/machine level connections is an option. – CodingBarfield Oct 12 '11 at 7:07

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You will need to use visual studio tool name SPY++ for understanding the flow of win32 api.

After that refer to these link

Get text from another application.

After implementing some part of the code , please repost more specific question related to programming

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It will be easy if that application (Yahoo messenger for example) provides an interface (ex: COM) for other applications to access its information.

If not, you will have to go through Windows API, capturing the handle of the exact window where the text is and all.

Have you any idea what your other application is?

EDIT: Check this Yahoo Answer. Someone has asked the same question, maybe the links provided in the answer would help you:

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this is the other application im talking about.. link: [link] – user848682 Oct 12 '11 at 7:59

If you have control over "that application" (e.g.Yahoo messenger), you can create a shared memory using winapi:


    lpAtt,PAGE_READWRITE, 0,nSize, SharedMemName);
    if (hMapFile == NULL) 
        ShowSomeMessageBox("Could not create shared memory");
        return NULL;

    LPTSTR pBuf = (LPTSTR) MapViewOfFile(hMapFile, FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS,0,0,nSize);
        ShowSomeMessageBox("Could not create mapped view of theshared memory");
        return NULL;

Once you have that buffer, you can write data to it using CopyMemory or whatever api.

In your C# application you can use InterOp (P-invoke) to call WinAPI:

Use: OpenFileMapping(),MapViewOfFile() etc. to open the shared memory

Use: Marshal.ReadInt32(), Marshal.StructureToPtr() etc to read the data to your C# data structures.

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