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I need to solve a problem for reading and writing COM Port data from MIDI application.

1)The software must be able to handle multiple MIDI In and MIDI Out ports simultaneously sending and receiving MIDI data without choking off performance for the application (this will include audio as well).

I am using a modified version of the old Mabry MIDIIO already, MFC COM server in a shared .dll, written in c++. It is currently be compiled down into an .ocx and requires COM registration. It is working in the Visual Studio 2008 environment

But A total rewrite or different solution is a viable option but of course with the fastest, most inexpensive and easiest to maintain solution.

Here are the questions:

1)What direction would you recommend COM control or .net control, .dll, multi-thread, something else and why? If anybody having idea about MABRY Control, Do you think the Mabry control could be reworked into my new solution or would it be better to just take a totally different direction?

2)What is the recommendation? an unmanaged or managed solution?

Regards Usman

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What are the limits or lacks of your current implementation? surely you can do .net multithreading and also consume COM objects from .NET but why do you want to rewrite what works? –  Davide Piras Oct 12 '11 at 6:51
There could be some limitations of that. As currently client only statted that It only works for VS 2008 and requires mainly COM registration and compiled down into an .ocx. More over EASIER TO MAINTAIN solution is required.!! Not clear 100% but this is what statted, I asked , hope client will clarify in more detail. But What statted these are upfront specs given. –  Usman Oct 12 '11 at 7:03

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