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I have a page with a mix of HTML and GWT components. I'd like to not make the content viewable to the user until the content has completely loading (perhaps showing a simple loading dialog during the process).

What is the easiest way of achieving this?

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I use a PopupPanel with autohide set to false and modal set to true. Style it however you want, show it when you start loading your content, and hide it when you're finished.

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I had tried something like this and hit issues. But now I realize that I was just misusing the popup panel. I was adding it to RootPanel, which is unnecessary, and causes silent bad behavior. This approach does appear to be by far the best. –  jsight Apr 21 '09 at 18:19

Actually, the proposed way is to create a in your HTML and, after you load everything in your entry point, hide it:

    <div id="loading"> 
        <span id="loadingMsg">Loading ...</span>

public void onModuleLoad()
    // Hide the "Loading" notification
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