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I'm trying some stuff with HTML5 Multiupload. So I have a form and can load multiple files. They are read via FileApi and fileinformation is shown to the user.


<div id="info">
   <div id="file_1">...</div>
   <div id="file_2">...</div>

So I process all files withing $.each(), and increment my var fileId. For the upload itself I add EventListener to my XMLHTTPRequest

xhr.addEventListener("load", uploadComplete, false);

But I wan't to remove the filecontainer #file_X when the upload is complete. So i could do this:

xhr.addEventListener("load", function(evt) {
   if(evt.target.readyState == 2 && evt.target.status == 200)
       $('#file_' + fileId).slideUp();

And my question is, can I separate this code in a function? It doesn't work that I send the event and the parameter to a separated function like this:

xhr.addEventListener("load", uploadComplete(evt, fileId), false);

Is there a smarter way then doing this:

xhr.addEventListener("load", function(evt) {
   uploadComplete(evt, fileId);
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What's wrong with the last way? That's how you do it... you could create some helper functions which lets you bind arguments, but eventually, this is doing the same. – Felix Kling Oct 12 '11 at 7:43
Actually I did not get this solution until I write the post ;-) But the question is, if or how I can use xhr.addEventListener("load", uploadComplete(evt, fileId), false); OR WHY this will not work. Thank you – netzaffin Oct 12 '11 at 7:49
It does not work because uploadComplete is executed immediately and the return value is passed to addEventListener as "event handler". This would work if uploadComplete returned a function, but if it doesn't you probably get an error. You always have to pass a function reference to addEventListener... putting () behind a function reference calls the function. – Felix Kling Oct 12 '11 at 7:53

Edit: Sorry, I misread your question. I've updated my answer.

The script doesn't work because after the $.each() loop, var fileId will contain the value it was given on the last iteration of the loop. So if you have 10 files, fileId will be "file_10" for the rest of the script (which is not what you want).

Instead of a reference to var fileId, you want to pass your event handler the current value. Luckily, you can do just that by creating a closure:

    /* Do your thing, start the XHR and whatnot */

    (function(currentFileId) {
        xhr.addEventListener("load", function(evt) {
            uploadComplete(evt, currentFileId);
    }) (fileId);

You can read more about closures in any good JavaScript book or on the internet, e.g. here (MDN).

I hope this helps.

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