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In PgAdmin, is it possible to search for a value in ALL tables? In phpmyadmin this is possible and quite convenient. You search for an ID value and find all the tables in which it occurs. I can't seem to find this function in PgAdmin.

Does it exist or is there an alternative?

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It is not for PgAdmin, but maybe this is useful:… – DavidEG Oct 12 '11 at 8:00
Thanks. That's quite cumbersome ... weird there is no solution for this, it' so useful. – stef Oct 12 '11 at 8:02
Posted an answer, then looked at these comments. 1. No, it can easily be used from pgAdmin. 2. That's not cumbersome at all, it requires only Copy/Paste, then run. – alexkovelsky Feb 3 at 15:08

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It currently doesn't exist in PgAdmin.

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There's custom function for this. You can use it from Query tool. See [How to search a specific value in all tables (PostgreSQL)? ](as of today, there are two modifications in answers there that include column name, progress reporting)

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