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How can i dynamically add UIComponent into jsf view from managed bean without using javascript. What i want is to simply display additional elements on the page when the response return like inputText when a button is fire.

How can i do this programatically from jsf manage bean?

Thanks in advanced. -cheers :)

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You should not add the component dynamically. Simply add it where it belongs, but render it conditionally using the rendered-attribute.

<ui:inputText value="#{yourBean.text}" rendered="#{yourBean.isRendered}" />

You can now use the boolean property isRendered in your backing-bean to determine if the inputText should be rendered or not. A component that has rendered="false" will not appear in the final component-tree, and thus not generate any html-output or other overhead.

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i'm just experimenting. i know that it is not a good solution to render it from the backing bean. But for example i want to add component when just needed,how am i going to achieve that? – Ellie Fabrero Oct 13 '11 at 9:37

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