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We're using the Draggable JQuery UI plugin and need to disallow overlapping among our elements. We could write some collision detection ourselves but would prefer to use a tested package. Any suggestions?

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You can try jquery-collision plus jquery-ui-draggable-collision. Full disclosure: I just wrote and released these on sourceforge.

The first allows this:

var hit_list = $("#collider").collision(".obstacle");

which is the list of all ".obstacle" that overlap "#collider".

The second allows:

$("#collider").draggable( { obstacle: ".obstacle" } );

Which gives you (among other things), a "collision" event to bind to:

$("#collider").bind( "collision", function(event,ui){...} );

And you can even set:

$("#collider").draggable( { obstacle: ".obstacle", preventCollision: true } );

to prevent "#collider" from ever overlapping any ".obstacle" while dragging.

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I just downloaded your collider script, its fantastic! How would I go about having a grid of DIVs that grow on hover, and have the other (not hovered) divs shrink as the hovered div grows? –  Tom Jul 14 '11 at 14:08
Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to accomplish this effect (adidas.com/us/homepage.asp). As you can see, as one box grows bigger, others shrink to accommodate its size. I'm thinking collision detection is the best way of doing this, as I need the boxes to shrink in the direction that the one box is growing, which your plugin could detect (N S E and W). –  Tom Jul 16 '11 at 13:28
I'm trying to implement your 'jquery-ui-draggable-collision' into my project, but I get an error when I first load your files, my guess is that I'm using jquery 1.6.4 and jqueryui-1.8.16, and in your sample code you are using jquery1.5.1. Could you tell me if that's why it doesn't work for me? Thanks. –  Eduardo Rascon Oct 7 '11 at 20:08
also, this request was made on another thread, just fyi. stackoverflow.com/questions/1964812/… –  eruciform Jan 3 '13 at 6:03
Ah ok sweet thanks for the pointer –  chibro2 Jan 3 '13 at 20:21
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Quick search of jQuery plugins turns up:

Collidable Draggables

Looks like it's still early, but might be worth checking out.

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I know this question is quite old, but maybe you will find this useful: our Collision Check Plugin for jQuery.

The description is in German, but it should be self-explanatory. You can either use two single elements or even sets of elements and will get back a set of all colliding elements.

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Google tells me that gameQuery, a JQuery plugin, has a "collision" function:


Search for the word "collision" on the page above.

This google search can give you a couple of other options:


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Assuming, but I think what you would need can be found here:


It uses the jQuery famous $.event.special.drag to create de drop event. You can put your own javascript code under the .bind( "drop", function( event ){ the this element inside this function represent the object with the class "drop" you have defined and the event.dragTarget is the object that is being dragged.

More doc at the site linked above. This was what I needed anyway.

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