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I'm using a img tag before a h3 tag, no break statements used. But when I run it in the browser it displays the 2 tags on separate lines. Is there a CSS technique that can fix this or maybe an even easier tag attribute that will make the two elements display on the same line?

Thanks in advance!

------------------------------- edit ----------------------------------------------

The answers so far work well. But it's not there quite yet. If you look at the screenshot you'll see what I want (I should've specified in the first place, i know)...

If I use one of the methods above, you'll see that the h3 tag is not floating in the middle of the img tag. I want the h3 tag to float right in the middle of the image..


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Two options:

  1. Use a line-height attribute for h3 which equals to your img's height.

  2. Use padding-top and padding-bottom for to your h3 and play with it to get what you want.

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The default style of headline tags (<h1> to <h6>) contains display: block. Giving your <h3> tag a style of display: inline will override this behavior.

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Works well, but please have a look at my edit to my post above. A little something extra I'm looking for.. – Dean Gibson Oct 12 '11 at 8:57
Try fastreload's answer – Phil Oct 12 '11 at 9:36

Do you mean in the source code or the actual elements? If you mean the actual elements, add float: left; to both of them and they will appear side-by-side.

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What if you place the <img> tag inside the <h3> block, e.g.

<h3><img src=".." /> Hello world!</h3>
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