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I've been trying to bind events to jquery objects (code below) but its really not working at all. Could somebody offer me a suggestion? Thanks!

var img = thumbnail[0].appendChild(document.createElement('img'));
img.className = 'smallboard';
img.src = 'res/smallboard' + i + '.jpg';
img.onload = function() {console.log('small board loaded.');}
img.style.top = (8-i)*height+5 + 'px';
img.style.left = 4 + 'px';
var jqimg = $(img);
jqimg.bind('click', function(){
    console.log(i + '');
    show_board(i-1, true);

Here, thumbnail is a jquery element and i is a small whole number. I had problems with binding it in another way as well. (code below)

highlight = $('<div id="level_highlight"></div>');
highlight.css('height', height + 'px');
highlight.css('width', width + 'px');
highlight.css('display', 'inline');
highlight.css('left', posx + 'px');
highlight.css('top', posy + 'px');
highlight.bind('mouseover', function() {console.log('mousing over highlight');});

Its not working here either. I feel I am making a silly error somewhere. I'm using Chrome.

Thank you!

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seems to work for me...

see my jsFiddle example. Am I missing something?

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This is new to me (and seems really helpful!). Could you tell me where I can spot the console on jsFiddle? –  Navneet Oct 12 '11 at 9:37
I just use firebug or the chrome console :) –  Manuel van Rijn Oct 12 '11 at 10:06
  • Is it just an error in your retranscription here or did you froget the var before highlight ?

    var highlight = $('');

  • Did you append it somewhere in the DOM ($('body').append(highlight);) or something, if it already exists, you should do var highlight = $('#level_highlight'); instead

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Thanks guys. The answer was that since this code is an over-simplification of the code-base, I'd missed out a part where the z-index for the container element for this section was set to -10. Set that part correct and it worked like a charm.


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