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I am doing a project were I am trying to make the backend with playframework and the frontend with Extjs.

I can retrieve the data from the server with Json and show it in a grid with all it's fields.

The problem comes when I try to modify, remove or add any record.

The request sent by Ext: DELETE lista?_dc=1318409614652

(I solved _dc with "noCache: false" over the proxy)

The request right now is: DELETE lista

The request I need is: DELETE lista/"parameter of the object like ID or name"

Do you have any idea about this? If you need any information let me know

Thanks in advance!

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Just for reference, the dc caching parameter may cause issues for you later on if the server decides to start caching your AJAX requests, is it really a problem to keep the parameter on there? – dougajmcdonald Oct 12 '11 at 9:43

I suppose you are not yet using the Rest proxy (of ExtJS) for this, but you should, as it does exactly what you are asking for. You set it up with an url like /lista in your case. Now, when you delete a record, the proxy automatically sends a DELETE request to the url, appending it with the id. Check out the documentation (linked above) for more info - you can control the url generation a little bit, but in your case it looks like you can do with the default options.

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