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I have an application that works without fragments. I modified an activity to use fragments. The problem is that now when the activity goes in background and then in foreground again the onCreate is called: it looks like the activity gets killed to save memory or for another reason.

I tried to save a bundle in onSaveInstanceState but when the activity is opened again I receive a null bundle in the onCreate and no call to onRestoreInstanceState (I checked that I receive a call to onSaveInstanceState when going in background).

Any clue?


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I found the same beaviour with SDK 2.3 (SonyEricsson Xperia) and 3.0 (Motorola Xoom). – kingston Nov 26 '11 at 22:03
did you find the reason (or even a solution) for this behaviour in the meantime? I'm facing the same problem... – prom85 Feb 26 '14 at 21:08

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I recently updated my first application to use Fragments. I create the bundle in onSaveInstanceState and then I retrieve the bundle in onActivityCreated. Both methods are in the Fragment derived class! Maybe you're creating the bundle in the Fragment and then trying to retrieve it in the Activity?

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