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My original plan today was to learn how to use the JProgressBar, but now I am stuck with a new problem which I was not expecting. So here is how my JFrame looks like right now.

The Frame

The problem is that the JTextField right under the JTextArea is not wrapping around. It is going beyond the size of the JFrame. I want it to resize relative to the JFrame. How can i do that? I have tried the JLabel but it does the same thing, only it adds ellipses in the end where the text overflows.

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It's not going beyon the size of the JFrame. It's just that the text it contains is too long to fit inside the text field. Would you like the JFrame to resize itself each time the text grows inside the text field? What should it do once you have 4000 characters? –  JB Nizet Oct 12 '11 at 9:23

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Try using a JTextArea if you intend for the field to expand vertically to accommodate the text.

JTextFields are intended for a single line of text.

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