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When I create Java Class in Eclipse which implements Serializable interface, I get a warning

The serializable class ABCD does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long

So when I click on warning, I get a option in Eclipse to

Add generated Serial Version ID

Once I choose that option, Eclipse automatically creates a serialVersionUID variable for me.

Now I wanted to know that on what basis that number is generated. It is a just any random number ? Can I provide any random number of my own ?

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It is calculated based on the structure of your class - fields, methods, etc. It is specified in the Object Serialization Specification - see this section for the exact format.

The spec describes what happens in no value is provided, but the autogeneration uses the same algorithm.

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Automatically generated serialVersionIds are a hash based on the method signatures, parameters and such like in the class. It's done this way so that the serialVersionId will change whenever you change your class, indicating to the serialization mechanism that there data/class are no longer compatible. That's the default.

When you define your own, just start with 1, and increment when the class is no longer compatible with previously serialized data.

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