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I have a java program which has 12 threads with different priorities. 12 of them retrieves some information from oracle database.(The data base is very huge in size and each and every query takes some 60 to 90 min to complete the execution).

Some times the program executes fine and giving exact result and some times out of those 12 threads one or two got failed without throwing any exception to the console. ( All the exceptions are handled inside the program)

What we have observed is the Database SID is automatically getting killed after some time in that situation.

  1. If SID is killed by the DB, If the connection terminates in the middle, my program has to throw an exception to the console. Which is not happening here. The program keeps on running....
  2. We have checked with the DBA. They said there are no locks, or no wait conditions, or no default session time out parameter is set for the database profile. And the maximum number of allowed connections are 1000.

Still, my program is not working fine some times. Why this is happening? Is that an application error? or a Database error?

I am using Java5 and Oracle 9i and middle ware is JDBC.

Please suggest..... Thanks, ABCReddy

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the session is being killed? –  tbone Oct 12 '11 at 10:25
Yes...the session is being killed automatically –  abcreddy Oct 12 '11 at 10:26

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