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I have three types of Tasks A,B,C to be executed with minimum thresholds in a Thread Pool:

  • (A) 70 %
  • (B) 20 %
  • (C) 10 %

Pool Size: 100 Threads.

How to ensure in any given time the following distribution:

  1. No Idle Threads: If ,for example, only type C tasks exists, The pool will be 100% C's
  2. No starvation: B and C Tasks will eventually be served
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How may cores do you have? Unless you have 100+ cores, there is likely to always be enough tasks to keep your cores busy. Having more threads than cores can be slower for CPU intensive tasks. – Peter Lawrey Oct 12 '11 at 10:49
the 100 figure is just for convenience. – oren ef Oct 12 '11 at 10:53
If you make C large enough to use every core, it doesn't matter that other threads are idle (in fast it is better that other threads are idle) – Peter Lawrey Oct 12 '11 at 13:24

You should try the following strategy:

  • maintain a PriorityBlockingQueue with all items inserted into the queue having a priority field which is the basis for comparison. Let tasks of type C have priority 0, B have 10, and A have 20 (lower values == higher priority)
  • Maintain a separate 'tracking' queue of active B items in the PriorityBlockingQueue. A separate Timer instance attempts to remove all B items from the PriorityBlockingQueue, when successful it decrements the priority for B and reinserts it into the PriorityBlockingQueue - this ensures no starvation for items of type B. Unsuccessful attempts mean the item has already been processed and that the item should be removed from the tracking queue.
  • Threads in the thread pool attempt to pop an element of the queue before working on it.
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