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A few small questions on this web page I am putting together.

I am looking to get the content that appears when you click on an image to slide with the mouse as you scroll down. Not sure if this is possible, if so can anyone help.

I have tried looking but as I am such a n00b to jquery I'm not sure what I am looking for. I found some code that used the tag slide and it was not what i wanted at all so not sure what the command would be.

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I'm having trouble visualizing what you are wanting to accomplish. What do you mean slide with the mouse? Do you mean, when you scroll the page down, you want the content to always be visible? or do you want it to actually move when you move the mouse on the page? or move when you move the mouse over the content? – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 10:43
When you click on one of the suers their profile will appear on the right hand pane. If I scroll down to view users photos lower down the content form the user I just clicked stays at the page, it is static, i want the profle to follow my window. If I scroll to the bottom of my page to view the last 3 profiles and click on an image their profile will appear off screen, it will be at the top, i want it to appear when the screen is and if i scroll back to the top i would like the content in the right pane to follow me. Does this make sense? – Dan Davies Oct 12 '11 at 10:46
Sorry i answered before reading your whole reply, i want the content to always be visible when i scroll. – Dan Davies Oct 12 '11 at 10:47
Do you have gchat? we aren't suppose to have extended comments on a post. We should probably move over to chat if possible. – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 13:30
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You need to wrap your prof_1, prof_2, etc, in a wrapper I'm going to call this wrapper prof_wrapper

<div id="prof_wrapper"></div>
jQuery(document).ready( function(){
   var orig_t = jQuery("#prof_wrapper").offset().top;
   var mt = jQuery("#main").offset().top;
   var mh = jQuery("#main").outerHeight();

   jQuery(document).bind("scroll", function(event){
      var ph = jQuery("#prof_wrapper").outerHeight();
      var mo = (mt+mh) - jQuery(document).scrollTop();
      var t = jQuery(document).scrollTop();
      if(mo <= ph){  //Find out if the #main element's offset top plus it's height minus the scroll position is less than the prof_wrapper's height; if it is, leave the prof_wrapper at the bottom of the #main element
          jQuery("#prof_wrapper").css({'position':'absolute', 'bottom':'0px', 'top':'auto'});
      }else if(t >= orig_t){ //Otherwise, if we have scrolled past the prof_wrapper, make the prof_wrapper follow us down
        jQuery("#prof_wrapper").css({'position':'fixed', 'top':'0px', 'bottom':'auto'});
      }else{ //We are probably at the top of the page, so reset the original positioning
        jQuery("#prof_wrapper").css({'position':'relative', 'top':'0px', 'bottom':'auto'});

You need to add - position:relative to your #main element, then I think this should be pretty close. Take a look at my comment about the padding and margin on the prof_wrapper.

The positioning of absolute, assumes that #main is the first parent element to have a position assigned to it; if so, then it will use this as the positioning for the bottom.

Something like that?

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Thanks man, I have implemented this but something isn't quite right, could you take a quick look and see what I have done wrong? – Dan Davies Oct 12 '11 at 11:49
I changed the code a bit...That should have been a stationary top for the element. What was happening was that, once the top was set to 0, it never changed. So we actually needed to get the original offset top, and use that. Now, this doesn't solve the problem of it running down the page past the #main content. So we need to add something else for that. But make these changes first, and I'll add that later. – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 11:55
Hi thanks, changed the code and added top : 50px to give some buffer but its not working as smoothly as i thought it would. is there something we can add for the smoothness . thanks again, really appreciate this. – Dan Davies Oct 12 '11 at 11:58
another thing you could do, would be to remove the padding or margin from the bottom of the ".click" element above the prof_wrapper, and add that space as top padding to the prof_wrapper, and go back to the original code, that will be the most natural thing to do. – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 12:12
Changed code a bit more – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 13:11

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